Create Lab was founded by multi award-winning filmmaker Lou Hamilton to make films that matter.  Her films aim to find inspiration in challenging subjects, in the darkest of experiences, and in people who have led extraordinary lives.

Lou is fearless in pursuit of her work: a mountain in the Himalayas, a mosquito infested Yoga Ashram, funeral pyres on the Ganges, Arnhem with the British Paras, a Jamaican funeral parlour, the municipal dump of Mumbai, coast to coast along the Hadrian’s wall with a man in an off-road electric wheelchair, schools in Africa and adhoc classrooms on street corners in India, the Yorkshire dales with traumatised soldiers, the training ground of the Royal Marines, the isolated rooms of an old people’s home, the colostomy dressing changes, the music room of a hundred year old Maestro riddled with leprosy, a blind ashram, a blood transfusion centre, to the beaches of the D-day landing, the interviews of a human right’s lawyer who works in a Darfur, a woman war correspondent based mainly in Afghanistan, a woman soldier fresh back from Iraq, the poppy day parade at the Cenotaph,  the slum dwelling of a little boy and his mum. You can share these experiences too by watching some of her films.

Agent: Christina Pickworth http://www.imaginetalent.co.uk

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